Premier 7

A Whole-Body Approach

The focus of Premier 7 Gym is to enable the client to gain strength in all 7 Patterns of Movement that the Human Body is able to perform. We work a toes-to-nose approach, to prevent weakness, and improve core stability and functional movement. We work with clients of all ages, stages, sizes and fitness levels, utilizing both state of the art systems and traditional training equipment.

Meet Kris Koether

Delivering customized personal training since 1993, Kris is certified by The Cooper Institute, Primal7 Trainer and Instructor, Level One CrossFit instructor and has also been featured as a, “Fitness Boot Camp Instructor” for the Fox 7 News, in Austin, TX. Kris’s individualized and innovative “Toes to Nose” approach to creating a truly custom fitness experience. View full Bio.