Premier 7 personal training is an all-encompassing, life-changing experience. From undoing harmful habits in and out of the gym to laser-specific focus on meeting your exact goals, the end result is a better quality of life & maintainable goals.

Personal Training Packages

All packages for individuals includes a Free Consultation. Comprehensive consultations are available without a package for $150. Sessions are 55 minutes. Please ask about our discounted couples’ rate pricing.

12 Weeks, Option 1 - per individual

3X Week
3 Free Sessions
$2,160 Total
$55.38 ea

12 Weeks, Option 2 - per individual

2X Week
1 Free Session
$1,440 Total
$57.60 ea

Option 3 (12 sessions) - Per individual

2-3x Week
0 Free Sessions
$720 Total

Make Your Own - 12 sessions

0 Free Sessions
Min 12 Sessions
$60 ea